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We're a Top 100 Retailer!

Mon, Sep 12, 22

We’re a Top 100 Retailer!

Beverage Dynamics, a magazine for retailers in the wine, beer and spirits industry, has selected Randall’s as one of the Top 100 Alcohol Retailers in America for 2020.

Randall’s was also voted Favorite Bottle Shop in the Sauce Readers’ Choice 2020 poll!

We’re working hard every day to stay on top of trends in the industry, hosting events & tastings, and bringing in new items to make your palates happy. We’d also love to hear your ideas if there’s anything you’d like to see at your local Randall’s location.

Thank you to our customers and communities for making Randall’s the company that it is today! After 22 years in business, we’re still going strong.