Upcoming April Events

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Upcoming April Events

4/1: Heavy Riff Brewing Beer SchoolFree Beatbox Samples

4/5: Wines of Argentina

4/6: Maplewood Brewery Beer School

4/7: Blind Bourbon Tasting w/ Todd Randall(SOLD OUT)

4/8: Bud Light Next Free SamplesLogboat Brewing Free Samples

4/9: Kentucky Coffee Free Samples

4/12: Blind Bourbon Tasting w/ Todd Randall(SOLD OUT)

4/13: Una Vida Tequila Tasting

4/14: Bonded Whiskey Tasting

4/14: Schlafly Beer School

4/15: Six Mile Bridge Free Samples1220 Spirits Tasting Event

4/16: Old Forester Single Barrel ReleaseOld Bakery Beer Free Samples

4/19: Blind Bourbon Tasting w/ Todd Randall

4/20: Tavolo Vigneto Volcano Wine Tasting

4/21: Tequila Tasting Class w/ Todd Randall

4/22: KTRS Live Broadcast/Noble Oak Samples for Earth Day

4/23: Kentucky Coffee Free Tasting

4/27: Sparkling Wine Tasting Class

4/28: Pina Colada Don Q Rum Tasting

(Events are subject to change without notice.)