Review - Blue Note 10yr Private Barrel Selection

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Review – Blue Note 10yr Private Barrel Selection

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DISTILLER: B.R. Distilling Company

62% ABV – 124 Proof

AGE: 10 years 7 months

NOSE: Leather, Cut Tobacco, Fresh Baked Bread

TASTE: Lots of spiced oak, really creamy and thick mouthfeel, mild heat, sweet tobacco and traditional warm caramel and vanilla

FINISH: Fantastic lingering dark fruit and baking spices

OVERALL: I was amazed at this 10 year offering from Blue Note. It’s extremely pleasant nose invites you to dive deep into an exceptionally rich and full front palate with a plethora of warm spices and a very, very creamy mouthfeel. You’ll be graced with sweet corn and a very mild heat for a 124 proof offering with a lengthy finish of charred oak mixed with sugar cream pie. I was truly delighted.

BARRELED: 03/03/2010
BOTTLED: 10/15/2020
BARREL: 13446
PRODUCT TYPE: Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey
MASH BILL: 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley
Crafted in Memphis

**Available at Missouri Randall’s locations ONLY**