Randall’s Angel’s Envy Single Barrel: Release Details

Tue, Sep 13, 22

Randall’s Angel’s Envy Single Barrel: Release Details

Posted August 8, 2022

This Saturday at 10am when we open, we will be releasing our Angel’s Envy Single Barrel. It will be available for $89.99. We picked this with the help of our whiskey enthusiasts here at Randall’s, along with Mike Grillo from Grillo’s Chop & Barrel in Lake St. Louis.

Unlike most other single barrel picks, this process was a little different. We were provided with three barrel samples, all at cask strength (126.4, 119.1, 130.2). In order to preserve their annual cask strength release, you can only get your single barrel at 100-110 proof. After sampling all of them at cask strength, we then diluted each one to 110 proof. After that, we then proofed them down to several proofs between 100 and 110.

It was very interesting to see the profiles change as we added a little water. The sample that we all liked at the beginning when they were at cask strength was not the winner when we proofed it down to 110. Our final decision that we really loved the taste and flavor of at the 110 proof had unfortunately lost a large amount of proof by the time we were done. We are very happy about our pick and look forward to releasing it this Saturday. We hope everyone else will enjoy it as well!

Barrel 2712B – Original proof: 126.4

The barrel yielded 48 – 6pks.

5 – 6pks will be available for release at Grillo’s in Lake St. Louis
(6289 Ronald Reagan Dr, Lake St. Louis, MO 63367)

43 – 6pks will ONLY be available at all of our Missouri locations:

Jefferson – 72

West – 90

North – 24

The Hill – 72