Old Forester Single Barrel Release Details

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Old Forester Single Barrel Release Details

Please join us at 10am on April 16th at our Southwest location for the release of our second single barrel collaboration with Chris Kerber: Old Forester Single Barrel-Barrel Strength. Kerber will only be on hand to sign bottles from 10-11am, and then he must head to the arena for a 2pm Blues game.

$89.99/VIP • $99.99/Reg • 180 Bottles Available • 1 Bottle Per Person

From April 11-17, we will also be running VIP specials on Old Forester products at all of our Missouri stores. These are the lowest prices you’ll ever see for Old Forester!


Old Forester 86pf – $18.99
(compare to Total Wine 21.99)

Old Forester 86pf 1.75L – $32.99
(compare to Total Wine 39.99)

Old Forester 100pf – $19.99
(compare to Total Wine 24.99)

Old Forester 1870 – $37.99
(compare to Total Wine 46.99)

Old Forester 1897 – $41.99
(compare to Total Wine 52.99)

Old Forester 1910 – $43.99

Old Forester 1920 – $48.99
(compare to Total Wine 56.99)

Old Forester Statesman – $44.99
(compare to Total Wine 59.99)

-Todd Randall