NEW Single Barrels In Stock

Mon, Sep 12, 22

NEW Single Barrels In Stock

1792 Full Proof Bourbon – Randall’s & S.L.A.B.S

$49.99 – 180 Bottles Available @ Fairview Heights, IL Store ONLY

Bottled Exclusively for Randall’s and S.L.A.B.S. (St. Louis Area Bourbon Snobs)

Bottled at its original 125 barrel entry proof

Bold bourbon boasts an incredible deep and smoky taste
balanced with sweet vanilla and notes of caramel.

Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 22 Wheated
Randall’s Single Barrel

$74.99 – Available @ ALL Missouri Locations

Randall’s Wines & Spirits Single Barrel Selection – Barrel No. 223

Using wheat as its small grain rather than rye combined with the conditions of the voyage, OCEAN Voyage 22 Wheated delivers more of a corn and vanilla sweetness and an amplified saltiness as unique as the voyage itself.

Yellowstone Hand Picked Collection Single Barrel
Bourbon & Banter

$54.99 – Available @ ALL Missouri Locations

Hand Selected By: Bourbon & Banter
Single Barrel No.: 7544589
Barreled: 11-15-2016
57.5% ABV – 115 Proof

The Hand Picked Collection is a series of single barrels, each hand-picked and sampled at the distillery. With each barrel comes its own complexities and one-of-a-kind flavors – every one different than the next.

Jefferson’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon
Randall’s & STL Bourbon Society

$59.99 – Available @ ALL Missouri Locations

A single barrel collaboration between Randall’s and STL Bourbon Society.

Barrel No. 165 – 100 Proof/50% ABV

Jefferson’s most quintessential bourbon at a higher proof to satisfy
the thirst of a bigger, more robust Reserve offering.