NEW Randall's Whiskey & Tequila Journal

Mon, Sep 12, 22

NEW Randall’s Whiskey & Tequila Journal

Calling all whiskey and tequila enthusiasts!

The tequila and whiskey categories are continuing to grow at an enormous rate with new products and consumers. In an attempt to provide more value and information to our customers (while not overloading others), I have started two separate Facebook pages for anyone who is interested in up-to-the minute news on the latest releases and product specials. The two pages are Randall’s Whiskey Journal and Randall’s Tequila Journal.

By starting these two pages, I’ll be able to post several times a day while not flooding the main Randall’s Facebook page and also provide the enthusiasts a better service. These two pages will be run entirely by myself (Todd Randall), and will contain products from our Illinois & Missouri locations. Also, I’ll be running special pricing at times that will only be posted on this page.

If there’s any product you’d like to see covered on either of these pages, please feel free to send a message through either Facebook page or email me, as these pages are for you, our valued customers!

Click HERE for Randall’s Whiskey Journal. Click HERE for Randall’s Tequila Journal.

Sincerely, Todd Randall