January Newsletter

Mon, Sep 12, 22

January Newsletter

Thank you! Thank you!
It’s repetitive, but we can never say it enough. We sincerely appreciate you shopping with us, especially in today’s world where there are so many options.

Wine Imports & Randall’s Direct
Our goal is to import wine that over delivers for the price, whether that be a great everyday wine for less than $10, real Champagne for under $30 with 90+ points from Wine Spectator, 92 point prosecco for under $10, or a $20 Barolo!

Our famous 6 for $30 Mix & Match wines have all arrived in our latest container from France and include a French sparkling, chardonnay, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and a red blend.

Now on to Bordeaux! If you are a big wine fan, we have by far the BEST selection of 2016s than any other place in the country. We have wines from over 125 chateaus at pre-tariff pricing. My father started this company with Bordeaux wines, and we are getting back into them. I will detail what we have in future emails over the next several weeks.

Rylee’s Vodka
We have now surpassed over 1,800 bottles sold and are currently distilling, filtering, and proofing down more in St. Genevieve, Missouri as you read this.

Allocated Whiskey
We received our yearly allocation of Van Winkle and Antique collection, and it’s even less than last year. With every retailer wanting an allocation, the shipment gets split up between so many stores. We will be putting together information about how we will be allocating these out along with other limited bourbons that were released last year. Those details will be sent out at the end of January or early February. There will be a format in which those that shop with us will be rewarded and have a chance to purchase a bottle. Stay tuned!

Product Shortages & Price Increases
We continue to see a major issue with product shortages after the holiday season. The worst news is that price increases are coming from suppliers & distributors this year as manufacturing and transportation costs have increased. While some like Jameson are only increasing 80 cents per bottle and won’t drastically affect the shelf price, other products like Macallan 12yr Sherry and Malibu 1.75 are taking increases of around 10%. We will do our best to keep you updated on price increases and product shortages so you can buy accordingly.

If there’s ever anything we can do, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the company at info@shoprandalls.com or contact me directly at toddrandall@internetliquor.com.