Four Roses & Knob Creek Single Barrel Releases

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Four Roses & Knob Creek Single Barrel Releases

Another week, another barrel release!

Knob Creek Single Barrel Select – STL Bourbon Society & Randall’s
Warehouse/Floor/Rick: 1/5/28
Barreled: 7/21/2011
Selected: 3/23/2021
Proof: 120

Price: $49.99
Availability: West, South & North (Online and In-Store)
Quantity: 180 bottles
Bottle Breakdown: West/72, South/90, North/18

Due to the anticipation and to allow more people a chance at obtaining product, we are limiting this release to 1 bottle total per person. Available today, Wednesday, June 2nd, when we open at 10am. Purchase in-store only, not online. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold bottles.

Four Roses 10yr 5mo Single Barrel-Barrel Strength – Randall’s Edition
Aged 10 Years, 5 Months
55.7% ABV – 111.4 Proof
Warehouse No. LE
Barrel No. 87-1R
Barrel Pick 7.0
OESQ Recipe – 20% Rye Mashbill

Price: $79.99
Availability: West, South & North (In-Store)
Quantity: 100 bottles
Bottle Breakdown: West/36, South/52, North/12

Four Roses 10yr Single Barrel-Barrel Strength – Bourbon & Banter Edition
Aged 10 Years, 1 Month
61.7% ABV – 123.4 Proof
Warehouse No. R5
Barrel No. 24-5C
Barrel Pick 6.0
OBSQ Recipe – 35% Rye Mashbill

Price: $79.99
Availability: West, South & North (In-Store)
Quantity: 22 bottles
Bottle Breakdown: West/6, South/12, North/4

SOLD OUT! WhistlePig 10yr Single Barrel Selection with SLABS

STILL AVAILABLE! ONLY 18 LEFT!New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon RWS Selection

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are trying our best to give everyone a fair chance at obtaining these sought after bourbons. Thank you for understanding!