Daniel's Bourbon Pick: Jeffers Creek

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Jeffers Creek

Daniel’s Bourbon Pick: Jeffers Creek

Posted August 7, 2020

Since joining the Wine & Spirits Guild of America, a community of retailers across the country, Randall’s has been given the opportunity to receive in some new items. One of the first suppliers we received items from was Sazerac and the first item they sent was Jeffers Creek Bourbon. This whiskey in particular caught my eye as it came in an old Weller bottle, and, for the price, I just had to try it.

I researched around online to find some back story and noticed that the label used to state “6 year”, but, it now says “Aged to Perfection.” Thus, we are unable to assume if it is still 6 year. However, it still comes in the boxes stating 6 year. We also can’t quite pinpoint if it’s from the Barton or Buffalo Trace Distillery. But anyways, on to the most important part: the taste test!

I tasted it neat in a Glen Cairn glass and later enjoyed in a cocktail.

Nose: Traditional vanilla, muted caramel and loads of oak showing through.

Palate: This bourbon hits the front palate with a decent rye spice, followed by traditional caramel but, like the nose, the caramel is muted. The mouthfeel is a bit thin and the back palate is full of sweet corn with a very mild burn. The finish is medium with toasted oak lingering with a final note of vanilla.

Fred Minnick, a Wall Street Journal-Bestselling Author, recently did a blind taste test of 26 bourbons, ranking Jeffers Creek #7 in the $16-25 category. His tasting notes for Jeffers Creek are, “Fried dough, banana and cinnamon crumble.” You can view his entire taste test and review HERE.

Now, I’m not saying this is a Weller substitute, but, at $14.99, this is a great value! It’s smooth with just enough flavor to enjoy neat, but, I believe it would be best showcased in a simple cocktail. I opted for a Kentucky Mule and that was perfect. Please find the recipe below.

Kentucky Mule (Made w/ Jeffers Creek Bourbon)
2 oz. Jeffers Creek Bourbon
1.5 oz lime juice
4 oz. Fever Tree Ginger Beer
Garnish w/ a lime wedge