Angel's Envy & Randall's: A Winning Combination

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Angel’s Envy & Randall’s: A Winning Combination

In 2021, Randall’s was the #1 retailer for Angel’s Envy in the St. Louis area and #2 in Missouri behind a Kansas City retailer. This year, we want to surpass the nearly 1,800 bottles we sold last year. At ALL Randall’s locations (MO & IL), you can find Angel’s Envy Bourbon for $39.99 with your VIP card. EVERYDAY $39.99 VIP!

Later this year, we will also have an Angel’s Envy Single Barrel coming to our Missouri locations. Several weeks ago, we rounded up the whiskey experts from all of our locations and sampled through some barrels. What’s unique about this barrel pick/experience is that you receive the samples at barrel proof, however, you have to choose what proof you want your barrel bottled at, which is between 100-110. We believe the distillery does this to keep their yearly cask strength release a “one-of-a-kind.”

Our whiskey experts tasted through all three barrels at cask strength, then proofed down to 110, and finally went down to 105. It was interesting to see how the profiles changed when the samples were proofed down. We are looking forward to this future barrel selection and expect it to arrive around Father’s Day. We hope our customers enjoy this exclusive Angel’s Envy Single Barrel as much as we enjoyed selecting it for everyone.