Allocated Whiskey Raffle

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Allocated Whiskey Raffle

As promised, I’m emailing everyone to let you know about an allocated whiskey raffle we will be having starting today, March 18th, and ending at the end of the day on May 1st. We will be drawing live the winners from Illinois on Tuesday, May 3rd and winners from Missouri on Wednesday, May 4th. A name and a bottle will be drawn at random so you don’t have to be present to win. All bottles will be available for purchase at MSRP! As a winner, you have the option to either purchase or not purchase the bottle drawn with your name. If you don’t want to purchase it, no worries, but you will not get the chance to receive another bottle. My goal with this raffle is to thank everyone for shopping with us. The whiskey allocations have gotten smaller and smaller each year, unfortunately, which has caused raffles like this to take place more often. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

As a VIP, you will receive 1 entry for any purchase of any amount (ex: a bag of chips). For every additional $75, you will get another ticket. 

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for bottles available in Illinois, you must enter the drawing at our Illinois location. To be eligible for bottles available in Missouri, you must enter the drawing at any Missouri location.

ILLINOIS – 21 bottles
2 – Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel
2 – Stag Jr 
1 – Elmer T Lee
1 – Jack 10yr
1 – Yellowstone 2021
1 – Elijah 18yr
1 – Rebel 10yr
3 – Blantons
4 – Eagle Rare 
2 – EH Taylor Single Barrel
1 – Michters 10yr
1 – Weller 12yr
1 – Weller Antique

MISSOURI – 45 bottles
3 – Rebel 10yr
6 – EH Taylor Small Batch 
1 – Penelope Light
2 – Makers FaE 01
3 – Weller 12 1Liter
2 – 1792 12yr
2 – EH Taylor Single Barrel 
4 – Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
3 – Shenks
3 – Bombergers 
6 – Blantons 
1 – Rock Hill Farms 
1 – Elijah 18yr
1 – Russels 13yr 
1 – Yellowstone 2021
1 – Thomas Handy Rye
1 – Van Winkle 10yr
2 – Michters Toasted Barrel
2 – Four Roses Small Batch 2021


• The bottles ARE NOT FREE. This is a raffle for the chance to purchase the bottles!

• You must be a Randall’s VIP to enter the raffle.

• You must tell us that you are a Randall’s VIP customer BEFORE we complete your transaction. We cannot go back and issue entries on past transactions.

• You cannot use any coupons or discounts on the purchase of the prize bottles.

• As a bonus, if the purchase is $75 (pre-tax), you will receive an additional entry, plus one more for every additional $75 purchase.

• The additional entries are given on a single purchase. You cannot have two $50 purchases and get an extra entry ticket. Likewise, purchases will not accumulate from previous purchases. 

• Once you get your entries, just drop them into our barrel near the front counter.

• Whiskey Department consists of Canadian, Irish, Blended Scotch, Single Malt Scotch, Tennessee/Other, Bourbon, Blended Whisky, Japanese, Flavored, New Make, Rye, and Randall’s Barrels.