BACK IN STOCK: Urban Chestnut Box of Bocks Variety Pack at our Jefferson Store!

What better way to say “Spring has Sprung” than with this 8-pack Euro Bottle Urban Chestnut Variety Pack featuring: Urbanator (Pale Dopplebock Lager), De Bockle (Belgian-style Ale), Maximillian (Weizenbock Ale), &  Oxnbrau (Doppelbock Lager)! Back in stock and ON SALE at Randall’s Wines & Spirits on South Jefferson! #randallsws

box of bocks

Urban Chestnut Seitz Farm Terroir

On shelves NOW


In today’s world of brewing, it’s rare and exceptional to find a beer like Seitz Farm Terroir. A beer in which the hops’ source (terroir)is a single farm. In this one… Seitz Farm (aka Zum Baur) located in Nietenhausen, Germany. Established in 1890 by Georg and Maria Seitz, Zum Baur is still owned and operated by Florian Seitz, a descendent of the original hop growers. Prost!