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Can Glass (“Class”)

Can’t decide whether you want to drink your Schlafly Beer from a can or from a glass? Well, we’ve got just thing for you. The 16 oz. Schlafly Can Glass…or “Class”. It’s a glass…shaped like a can! See what we did there. You should buy a whole bunch of these and pass them out to your friends. Talk about a classy move.


Schlafly Can Sessions coming soon!!


Schlafly American Brown
ABV: 5.0 | IBU: 30

Appearance: Dark brown
Process: Classic American Brown
Hops: Amarillo, Chinook, Simcoe (US)
Malts: 2-row and caramel malted barley, Chocolate malt
Yeast: American Ale
OG: 12.6
SRM: 40

Schlafly American Brown Ale starts with a classic British brown recipe crafted with caramel and chocolate malts for sweetness and color. Then we fortify it with the bold flavor and aroma of American hops.


Schlafly IPA
ABV: 4.5 | IBU: 30

Appearance: Straw colored, bright
Process: Dry hopped
Hops: Amarillo, Boullion (US), Magnum (Polish)
Malts: 2-row and caramel malted barley
Yeast: American Ale
OG: 11.7
SRM: 10

Schlafly IPA is a session IPA, a smooth golden ale packed with the bold flavor and aroma of American hops. We crafted it in the spirit of the low gravity IPAs common in the UK where the style stands for hoppy, not heavy.