You won’t believe what showed up in our Missouri stores today…


REMY MARTIN V IS HERE!! Otherwise knows as ‘Remy White’ – just arrived in our Missouri stores today at $44.99.


You may be tempted to call Rémy V a Cognac or even a vodka. It’s neither. While the spirit is made in Cognac, it can’t fall under that brandy appellation, as it is not aged. And as for vodka, V has too much flower and fruit to fall into that “odorless, tasteless” category.

Rémy Martin calls it a ‘Distilled Grape Spirit’, but they could also choose for the name Eaux-de-Vie because it is an unaged brandy.

What it also is-is made for the freezer!

After distillation, the brandy is filtered through a chill filtration technique (minus 10 degrees Celsius) ensuring that it is crystal clear, because a newly made brandy is never absolutely clear.

This filtration ensures that this eaux-de-vie will not show any flakes in the freezer. This is very important because many Cocktail-makers would put the “V” in the Freezer before using it in Cocktails.

So-smooth, mixable, yet with some of the floral-and-fruit character of a brandy or eaux-de-vie. It’s summer; drink it up.