This weekend’s Tastings at Manchester

krome vodka


Friday, Feb 22

  • 4pm 6pm: Krome Vodka

From their website: “Krome is the culmination of a quest to find the world’s best vodka. After a yearlong search, it turned out that the best vodka was being hand crafted right here in the United States, in Bend, Oregon. Born of Cascade Mountain spring water and locally grown corn, Krome Vodka starts with superior ingredients. It is then filtered five times through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock. Corn provides the vodka with a heft that can’t be found in a rye or wheat vodka and a sweetness that can’t be found in potato vodka. The ultra-clean Cascade Mountain spring water and thorough filtration process gives Krome its incredible smoothness. This combination of first-rate ingredients and hand-craftsmanship make Krome Vodka a world-class spirit.”

  • 5pm-7pm Canadian Club 9yo, 12yo, Sherry Cask and Dock 57 Blackberry

Saturday, Feb 23

  • 1pm-4pm: Spirits of St. Louis, their line of locally produced spirits including rum, vodka, gin, whiskey and ‘agave blue.’

“Spirits of St. Louis is the first legal distillery in St. Louis since prohibition. All our spirits are full-flavored with a unique taste that are produced on our hand-hammered copper still from Vendome Copperworks in Louisville. We always seek out the best of quality ingredients from grain, agave, molasses, and herbs to create some truly unique American spirits. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you.”