Two Great New Shochus at Fairview

chiran_hotaru_shochuFairview Heights recently got two new Japanese shochus in stock:

Chiran Hotaru “Firefly”

Shochu made from 83% Sweet Potato, 17% Rice. 25% ABV.

Made to commemorate the beautiful fireflies of the Chiran area in the Satsuma region, “Firefly” delivers a subtly sweet, silky smooth flavors of sweet potatoes. Made from the best Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes, “Firefly” embodies the clean air, beautiful ocean and the rich land that is the Kagoshima Prefecture.

Iichiko “Silhouette” Mugi Barley

Shochu made from 100% Barley. 25% ABV.

Japan’s best-selling genuine shochu. Outstanding aroma combined with excellent body. iichiko is a genuine shochu that further refines the taste of shochu. Drink it on the rocks or with cold or hot water. Enjoy its highly sophisticated flavor.

From’s review:

“Iichiko Silhouette may be the cleanest, cleared shochu I’ve tried to date. The scent of Iichiko reminded me of citrus and sake.”