Spring Cleaning in North County!

It’s that time of the year – the weather’s getting warmer (sort of), and all you want to do is enjoy it with a nice cold beer in hand. Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found a bunch of beers hidden on our shelves and we want you to drink them. We want you to drink them so bad, we’ll even sell them at a discount.

First off – Odell Woodcut #4


Woodcut No. 4 Oak Aged Lager provides an exceptional “base” for showcasing the importance of hand selected, hand coopered, medium toast, American virgin oak barrels. By choosing a double Marzen style lager, our brewers were able to design a beer that showcases the caramel malty characters of a Marzen along with the clean warming alcohol character only an 11% lager can provide. The nose of this beer is rich in complexity, providing pineapple, dried apricot, raisin and a pleasantly soft muskiness. Toasted oak overtones balance these aromas with a light cedar quality. As the warming alcohol coats the palate a soft vanilla lingers on the tongue imparted by the medium toast virgin oak.

Was $24.99 – Now $19.99!!


Goose Island Fleur 2010


A Belgian style pale ale blended with hibiscus and kombucha tea, Fleur is a beautiful, rose-colored ale with an aroma of strawberries and hibiscus flowers. Flavor balance starts with a hint of sweet, ripe berry and finishes tart.

Was $6.99 – Now $5.99!!


New Belgium Lips of Faith – Prickly Passion Saison


Prickly pear and passion fruit mingle together for New Belgium’s return to farmhouse ales. Prickly Passion Saison is truly a beer for Belgian inspiration. The combination of passion fruit and prickly pear juices with the tropical esters of a traditionally earthy Saison yeast create a wonderfully broad and reaching mango-like character. Ostentatiously amber, this Prickly Passion Saison is sure to provoke the palate with a passionate prick, turn that bottle over and take a sip.

Was $12.99 – Now $8.99!!

Rouge Santa’s Private Selection 22oz


Rogue’s annual holiday offering, Santa’s Private Reserve, is a variation of the classic Saint Rogue Red, but with double the hops–including Chinook, and Centennial, and a mystery hop called Rudolph by head brewer John “more hops”.

Was $6.99 – Now $5.99!!


And for the most exciting part….. drum roll please…

We’ve still got a small selection of Mikkeller beers. This may be your last chance to buy these beers in Missouri for the foreseeable future. Here’s what we’ve got:

Mikkeller/Brew Dog I Harcore YoU


I Hardcore You is a 9.5% Imperial India Pale Ale, an international collaborative effort between 2 of Europe’s most rock ’n roll brewers. This beer is a blend of BrewDog’s Hardcore IPA and Mikkeller’s I Beat You. After the blending, the beer was then dry hopped a further twice. Making I Hardcore You a beer which has been dry hopped four times, or maybe even six times. We kinda lost count.

Was $6.99 – Now $5.99!!


Mikkeller – I Beat YoU


A double IPA heavily hopped with Hercules, Centennial, Warrior, Amarillo, Simcoe and Columbus hops.

Was $6.99 – Now $5.99!!


Mikkeller Black Tie


Black Tie was first dubbed Mandeøl (Man Beer). It was brewed for the Swedish market and only as draught beer. After spending four months in Scottish whiskey barrels and then being bottled it earned it’s present name, Black Tie. Black Tie is an imperial stout with honey and smoked barley. Sweet, smokey and sophisticated – slick and sexy like a black tie.

Was $17.99 – Now $14.99!!


Get them while they last! These beers are in limited supply and once they’re gone, so are the great prices.