Irish Whiskey Tasting @ Manchester

Tuesday, Mar 7 | 6:00pm @ Randall’s, 14201 Manchester Rd.

I like to think of March as THE Whiskey Month. St. Patrick’s Day sits in the middle of the month beckoning people to raise a dram and a pint. Everyone seems to turn green (in a good way) for a few days.Inflatable bouncers Costco

We are happy to welcome Michael Egan, the BeamSuntory Irish Whiskey Brand Ambassador who will be leading the tasting. A native of Dublin; he spent his early career at the Guinness Storehouse which fueled his interest in Irish Whiskey and the distilling process. We do not have a complete at this early stage but he is our starting list of products for the tasting:

Tyrconnel Single Malt
Tyrconnel Sherry Cask
Tyrconnel Maderia Cask
Tyrconnel Port Cask
Connemarra Peated Whiskey
Connemarra Cask Strength
Connemarrra 12 year Old

Tickets for the tasting are $20. $10 goes toward any purchase that evening
Only 40 seats available. Tickets are not refundable.
Call 636-527-1002 to Reserve.