Irish Whiskey Tasting @ Manchester

Tuesday, Mar 7 | 6:00pm @ Randall’s, 14201 Manchester Rd.

I like to think of March as THE Whiskey Month. St. Patrick’s Day sits in the middle of the month beckoning people to raise a dram and a pint. Everyone seems to turn green (in a good way) for a few days.Inflatable bouncers Costco

We are happy to welcome Michael Egan, the BeamSuntory Irish Whiskey Brand Ambassador who will be leading the tasting. A native of Dublin; he spent his early career at the Guinness Storehouse which fueled his interest in Irish Whiskey and the distilling process. We do not have a complete at this early stage but he is our starting list of products for the tasting:

Tyrconnel Single Malt
Tyrconnel Sherry Cask
Tyrconnel Maderia Cask
Tyrconnel Port Cask
Connemarra Peated Whiskey
Connemarra Cask Strength
Connemarrra 12 year Old

Tickets for the tasting are $20. $10 goes toward any purchase that evening
Only 40 seats available. Tickets are not refundable.
Call 636-527-1002 to Reserve.

Knob Creek Single Barrels 12 years Old!!!

We are very excited to add not 1, but 2 Knob Creek Single Barrels to our Wait List Both Single Barrels are 12 years old. This is especially exciting since the regular Knob Creek bottling has recently removed the 9 year age statement from it’s label. So……

Barrel #W
It was barreled on 6/9/2004; Aged in Warehouse W, Floor 4 Rick 50 Tier 3Jumping house for sale

The barrel sample was 134.2 proof, It will be bottles at 120 proof. I find it very typical knob creek. Strong, Robust nose. The alcohol is very well incorporated and well hidden with abundance of flavors on the tongue. Extremely long in the finish. After adding H2O, it really opens up. More subtle flavors emerge like heather and chocolate. Really delicious and hearty.

Barrel #L
It was barreled on 10/14/2004; Aged in Warehouse L, Floor 5 Rick 20 Tier 2
The barrel sample was 133.8 proof and will be bottled at 120 proof. This bottle had a very light nose. Upon first smell, I immediately thought I like #W better. The Flavor really sets this one apart, Extremely light and delicate, the vanilla and spices really come through beautifully. You would think a light bodied whiskey could not cover up the cask strength alcohol, but you are wrong. A terrific bottle. Given this blind, I don’t think I could pick it as Knob Creek, the style is so different which is it’s only flaw.

Both barrels are on our Wait List. We expect an April arrival.