North County Wine Wall Refurbishment!!

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Attention wine lovers and explorers: The wine wall at North County Randall’s is getting a facelift! We are going to have all varieties of wines with scores and ratings all 90 points and higher, while still looking for the best values possible! Come check us out and watch the selections grow, and continue wow and amaze you with great wine at great prices! Come watch it grow with us at 11000 Old Halls Ferry Rd, right off Interstate 270!

Perennial BA Abraxas

BA Abraxas
Now that I have your attention, We are having a Perennial Beer Tasting at our Manchester Store on May 30 from 6pm to 8pm. Anyone who purchases a Perennial Beer during the tasting may become a proud holder of a line ticket that will allow them to purchase a bottle of BA Abraxas. We have 24 line tickets to randomly distribute to lucky patrons during the event. Hope to see you there.

*BA Abraxas will be released at the brewery on 6/7 and you will have 1 week to purchase the beer. Price has not been determined yet. The beer will only be available from the brewery, it will not be released for retail purchase.