Look what Santa has for Xmas

Last chance for a few waiting lists. We got a few beers in today and we will be going processing the waiting list on Friday, so this is the last chance to sign up. Some will be very limited, some not so much. So here is the list
Deschutes Hop Henge
Deschutes / Goose Island Class of 88 (max 1 bottle per person)
Deschutes Abyss (max 1 bottle per person)
4 Hands Bonafide Stout
4 Hands Cuvee Ange

Jefferson Collaboration Whiskey
Jefferson Presidential Reserve 25yr Whiskey

SO here is the waiting list link

@Jefferson NOW

Myx Fusions is the name of a drink by Nicki Minaj. It is a refreshing fruit infused moscato beverage, blended with natural fruit juices and flavors. It is produced and distributed by beverage company Myx Beverage, LLC. Not only does she endorse the franchise, but she is also the co-owner. Peter Reaske is the CEO of the company while Mona Scott-Young is the CMO and co-owner as well. The slogan for the brand is “Get in the Myx”. The drink has appeared in two of Nicki’s music videos: High School & Up In Flames.

It is currently available in three flavors including peach moscato, coconut moscato, and original moscato.